About Us

I am a Goat Rancher, who raises goats for vegetation management, fire prevention, education, and entertainment. Our goats and other animals bring joy to our community every fall at our Pumpkin Patch.

In 2020, COVID restrictions prevented us from hosting our annual Pumpkin Patch. Uncertain about the future, I turned me focus to social media. Most importantly, TIkTok. I had always found peace in sipping a hot cup of coffee while watching the sun rise over the Sandia Mountains. One day, I decided to share that experience and go LIVE on TikTok. 

The world was shut down, the coffee shops were empty, but people still needed a place where they could chat, laugh, and share with each other. My LIVE feeds soon became a virtual coffeeshop. Thousands of folks from around the world began tuning in each morning. The coffee, conversation, and watching the sunrise was bringing a much needed peace and sense of community to people. 

This is where Cowboy Max Coffee began. 

Cowboy Max Coffee is delicious, but it is so much more than that. It's the fresh morning air. It's the view of a majestic mountain. It's listening to the birds sing. It's watching the sunrise. It is the dawn of a new day. Most importantly, it is about sharing life together.

My Crazy Crew of friends that I have made on TikTok, and my Happy Herd of animals are the inspiration behind the names of my coffee blends and clubs. I hope your cup of Cowboy Max Coffee is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).